Line Up #7







The next 4 books to be read and reviewed.


The Automation (Circo del Herrero series, #1), Anonymous

The Automation Review

23277532The capital-A Automatons of Greco-Roman myth aren’t clockwork. Their design is much more divine. They’re more intricate than robots or androids or anything else mortal humans could invent. Their windup keys are their human Masters. They aren’t mindless; they have infinite storage space. And, because they have more than one form, they’re more versatile and portable than, say, your cell phone—and much more useful too. The only thing these god-forged beings share in common with those lowercase-A automatons is their pre-programmed existence. They have a function—a function their creator put into place—a function that was questionable from the start…

Odys (no, not short for Odysseus, thank you) finds his hermetic lifestyle falling apart after a stranger commits suicide to free his soul-attached Automaton slave. The humanoid Automaton uses Odys’s soul to “reactivate” herself. Odys must learn to accept that the female Automaton is an extension of his body—that they are the same person—and that her creator-god is forging a new purpose for all with Automatons…

Traitor Born (Secondborn #2), Amy Bartol (NetGalley)

Traitor Born Review

35555251In the Fates Republic…
Firstborns reign supreme.
Secondborns kneel in servitude.
Thirdborns face death.
And Census shadows them all.

Secondborn Roselle St. Sismode was pressed into military service to battle the rebel uprising threatening the society that enslaves her. Now, powerful factions conspire to subvert the lines of succession, positioning Roselle to replace her mother as leader of the Republic’s armed forces. But the woman who bore her would sooner see Roselle dead than let her usurp her firstborn brother’s command.

The deadly war of intrigue between her new masters and her ruthless family is but one conflict challenging Roselle. A soldier for the rebellion has drawn her into a rogue army’s plot to overthrow the Republic and shatter its brutal caste system. Targeted by assassins and torn between allies, Roselle’s loyalty, love, and honor will be tested in the greatest battle of—and for—her life.

Planet Perfect, Charlotte Roth

Planet Perfect Review

37883723You are invited to live in a perfect world … all you have to do is leave everything and everyone behind. Do you go?

Amy and Jack have anything but the perfect life. Struggling for years to get pregnant, they are broke and heartbroken.

When a team of fertility doctors and plastic surgeons handpick them to come live in a beautiful walled community with no violence, guns, pedophiles, pollution, or ugliness … and promise to give them a healthy baby, Amy and Jack agree to leave everything and everyone behind—including the only family they have left, Amy’s disabled brother Liam—and start a life together in this amazing new world.

Soon, strange things begin to happen in the community, and Jack and Amy discover that true beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

They are now forced to ask themselves how far they are willing to go to get the perfect life…

Re:Camelot Part One: The Descendant of the King, E.C. Fisher (ARC)

Re:Camelot Part One: The Descendant of the King

37662560In an inaccessible solar system, on the planet Avalon, darkness spreads across the continent, consuming all. But through the blackness, a small light emanates, signaling hope. Merlin awakes from her realistic dream in a cold sweat. She recalls an ancient prophecy. She must find the descendant of King Arthur who will draw Excalibur and save them.

Meanwhile on Earth, Arthur is sent off to a boarding school in England. Alone in a strange place he is unaccustomed to, he draws solace in the tales his mother used to read him, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. He imagines a life where dragons and magic dwell, where damsels need rescuing, and where knights stand for honor, valor, chivalry, and uphold a firm code of conduct.

His greatest desire granted, the days of solitude and daydreaming are over. A duty befalls him that he must undertake. Does he have the courage to answer the call? With Excalibur in hand, will he be strong enough to fight for a world unknown and foreign to him?


What are you reading?


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  1. I’m all over the place this month. I’ve started three books and none of them are holding my interest. So I may not finish anything this month!


  2. Great post and picks. I haven’t read any of these books yet, but I have heard amazing things about Amy Bartol books. They all looks and sounds absolutely amazing and right up my alley. Thank you so much for sharing and putting this book on my radar.

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