Book Review: The Automation, Anonymous

The Automation By: Anonymous Length: 364 pages Published: September 23rd 2014 Rating: ☆☆ Summary:  The capital-A Automatons of Greco-Roman myth aren’t clockwork. Their design is much more divine. They’re more intricate than robots or androids or anything else mortal humans could invent. Their windup keys are their human Masters. They aren’t mindless; they have infinite storage... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Planet Perfect, Charlotte Roth

Planet Perfect By: Charlotte Roth  Length: 251 pages Published: January 31st 2018 Rating: ☆☆☆☆ Summary: You are invited to live in a perfect world … all you have to do is leave everything and everyone behind. Do you go? Amy and Jack have anything but the perfect life. Struggling for years to get pregnant, they are broke and... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Traitor Born (Secondborn #2), Amy A. Bartol

Traitor Born By: Amy A. Bartol Length: 309 Pages Rating: ☆☆☆ 1/2 Summary: In the Fates Republic… Firstborns reign supreme. Secondborns kneel in servitude. Thirdborns face death. And Census shadows them all. Secondborn Roselle St. Sismode was pressed into military service to battle the rebel uprising threatening the society that enslaves her. Now, powerful factions conspire to... Continue Reading →

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