Book Review: Art of Forgiveness ( A Stern Family Saga, Book 2), Monique Orgeron

Art of Forgiveness 

“Who knew the school male slut would be this hard to get into bed?”~ Monique Orgeron, Art of Forgiveness

By: Monique Orgeron

Length: 335 Pages

Published:  January 19th 2018

Ratings: ☆☆☆☆☆


Can love survive years of pain?
Liam Stern lived a charmed and carefree life. Always surrounded by friends, he was the boy who could have any girl he wanted and did.
Until Avery.
She was pure and innocent. She was the one he never saw coming.
She was the only thing that mattered, but the time came for him to fulfill his destiny. To protect Avery from a life she was not made for, he would have to give up the one thing he loved most in this world: her.
Now the decisions made years ago come back to cost them both, dearly.
Avery Edwards was a good girl, never stepping out of line, always the obedient daughter.
Until Liam showed her everything she was missing in her life: love.
Liam was her future, or at least she thought.
Until he broke her.
That was the beginning of her nightmare.
After years apart, Liam and his family hold her future in their hands. Rebuilding a girl who no longer cares to live.
After years of hating Liam, can Avery truly give him her forgiveness?


I highly recommend you read Art of Seduction (Book 1), prior to reading Art of Forgiveness (Book 2) but, it isn’t necessary. You could read this as a standalone.

This book is positively amazing. In Book 1 you get a sense of the Stern family men and they are instantly likable, more like loveable. Your introduced to these strong alpha males and even stronger alpha female, Art of Forgiveness explores the softer side due to the extreme and dark circumstances in which our heroine Avery was thrusted into.

The exploration of Avery and Liam was uniquely presented in a past and present format 19555022_764526420402622_2597616221410975601_nthat I admired. We got the chance to witness their young love begin and end (a heartbreaking ending of a boy thinking he was doing the right thing), after years apart they find each other . Then comes the question can love endure, can love forgive, can love continue? These are all question that Avery has to ask herself, when she finds herself living in Liam’s childhood home while under the care of the patriarch Catherine Stern, after finding her while in search of Fallon (heroine from book 1).

While Liam’s past is exposed to his family, the hurt in which he not only caused Avery but inflicted on himself  is reopened. Can Liam be the man she needs, will he liet the past repeat, can he forgive himself for his callousness? Liam has always been portrayed as the sensitive of the Stern boys, the pretty boy, the boy that could get any girl. Your given the chance to watch Liam grown from a highschool student to a man learning the family business. And this man has so much more to learn than just the business.  With the guidance of his brothers, will Liam come to terms before it is too late or has Avery already moved on with Phil a man who has lusted after her for years while in college.26734351_764526417069289_8152013033794902838_n

The growth that occurs throughout the 335 pages is impeccably unraveled. While following Avery’s and Liam journey back to each other, secrets are revealed that are both harrowing and endearing.  At the same time more secrets are set into play, setting you up to fall further and further into the Stern Saga.

Towards the end of the journey of Liam and Avery we are left with the hanging questions whats is in store for the rest of the Stern Men.

So Orgeron…Please bring on the Art of War ( A Stern Family Saga, Book 4 ), because I could always use another Stern man to lust over.

Oh and by the way…..




19 thoughts on “Book Review: Art of Forgiveness ( A Stern Family Saga, Book 2), Monique Orgeron

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  1. Not a series that I would have naturally gravitated towards. However, your review has left me very interested. Thank you!


    1. A Stern Family Saga, is and amazing series so far. I’m sure I will love the next book as well. This is a book that will not disappoint.


  2. This looks quite good, I have saved the series to my to be read list to give it a whirl sometime. Thank you for the lovely review 🙂


  3. Not a bookworm but I enjoyed reading your review. It is as if an excited friend was telling a story to me. I can feel your passion for books or at least for this series. Keep it up!


  4. This sounds like a good vacation read. I normally gravitate towards science fiction but I continue to be surprised when I step outside my comfort zone and pick up something else. Thanks for the recommendation.


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