Book Review: The Seducer (Men of the North Book 4), Elin Peer

The Seducer36550859

By: Elin Peer

Length: 294 pages

Published: January 9, 2018

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


Does a curse only work if you believe it does? 

Chosen to be a priestess from childhood, Athena knows everything about aligning her energy with the universe and spreading hope, healing, and wisdom to people. But her inner balance is disturbed when Finn shows up on her doorstep.

The large, annoyingly flirtatious man kept her imprisoned in the past and now demands she lift the spell she cast on him. Rather than explain to him that the spell wasn’t real, Athena sees her chance of teaching him a lesson in karma and makes demands of her own. Finn will allow her full power over him for five full days or live with the curse forever.


So I know that this is book 4 and I’m just now reviewing it. I initially intended to do a series review, but have since learned that this series has been expanded beyond the 5 books that it initially planned for. I’m not complaining one bit. But I decided that since the journey has been extended I didn’t want to wait until the conclusion of the series to voice my thoughts.

While this could be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading it in numerical order. As that will allow you to be fully immersive into the world of NMen and Motlanders. Already a little lost, let’s bring you up to speed. There was a toxic war and now we are in the year 2437, society is split, men control the north and women the south. Both sides think they are the superior to the other. They are working towards integration. That’s the gist of it.

So now to focus more on the book at hand. Finn and Athena are first introduced in book one, so you can imagine the storyline build up that we finally get to explore their story in book four. I was excited to see this book come to life and was thrilled with every turn that Elin allowed to dwell in.

We not only had the chance to explore each character further but also had the chance to catch up on previous characters and where they currently fall in the timeline. I think Elin tackle the time frame fantastic, as with such a large cast things can often become muddled. But everything seemed to match up on the timeline. While the exploration of Finn and Athena relationship emerged we were also given insight into Finn’s disturbing past. His friendship with Magni, his horror of a mentor and his power to hide behind seduction as a way to mask his pain.

This book shows the growth of the two both physically, emotionally and spiritually. While the main focus is the budding relationship you also get to see how each one has affected the lives of those they come into contact with, While they both have different approaches on how to handle certain situations, they both eventually find a good comprise that surprise the world as a whole.

15 thoughts on “Book Review: The Seducer (Men of the North Book 4), Elin Peer

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    1. I agree. All the books that I’ve read so far can definitely be read as standalones. weather you want a short or long journey this won’t disappoint.


    1. I hope to enjoy it, if you really want to travel into the book start with books The Protector, while not necessary it does add a bit more of a colorful background to Finn.


  1. I lose interest in a series around book seven or eight. I don’t know why. This sounds like one I’d like to read but will put it at the bottom of my TBR.


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