Book Review: Daughters of the Storm (Blood and Gold #1), Kim Wilkins

Daughters of the Storm35457253

By: Kim Wilkins

Length: 448 pages

Rating: ☆☆☆ 1/2



They are the daughters of a king. Though they share the same royal blood, they could not be more different. Bluebell is a proud warrior, stronger than any man and with an ironclad heart to match. Rose’s heart is all too passionate: She is the queen of a neighboring kingdom, who is risking everything for a forbidden love. The twins: vain Ivy, who lives for admiration, and zealous Willow, who lives for the gods. And Ash, who is discovering a dangerous talent for magic that might be a gift–or a curse.

But when their father is stricken by a mysterious ailment, they must come together on a desperate journey to save him and prevent their treacherous stepbrother from seizing the throne. Their mission: find the powerful witch who can cure the king. But to succeed on their quest, they must overcome their differences, and hope that the secrets they hide from one another and the world are never brought to light. Because if this royal family breaks, it could destroy the kingdom.


Cool Fact:

Goodreads Book Giveaway was how I got my grubby little fingers on an advance copy.  You have another chance to win a copy for yourself. The Giveaway ends February 6th, 2018. Good Luck. Giveaway link—-> Here.Capture


After reading the synopsis for Daughters of the storm, I had to test my luck and see if I was capable of winning a book on Goodreads. And to my delightful surprise, I actually won. I was hooked. I loved the synopsis, the idea of not just one strong female lead but five of them. MIND BLOWN.

While the main plot revolves around the demises of their father’s health, you are thrown into a world of mini-plots that lead to the big reveal. As much as I wanted to love this book, and I really did want to, I felt that the little plots are thrown in by each sister, well some will leave you astonished while others, well, other you just wished where left aside.

When the end neared I wasn’t too excited about how it ended. It wasn’t exactly the cliffhanger but yet it didn’t feel complete either. It just felt as though Wilkins decided she was done writing and stopped. It didn’t leave me with the feeling of wanting more, the book pretty much summed itself up. I guess there’s a teenie tiny cliffhanger, but its one that doesn’t leave you feeling as though you are not truly missing anything if you choose to stop with this book.

What I did like about the book was that each sister focused on, it wasn’t as though one shined more than the other. I loved watching the crossovers of relationships, the backstabbing (there’s a lot of it) and the growth they all had developed within themselves.

As I mentioned earlier there are a few mini-plots that all intermix to help cultivate the big plot. I’d say I most enjoyed Rose & Ivy’s the most.

This book is filled to the brim with sibling rivalries, plot twist tossed with unique fantasy.



26 thoughts on “Book Review: Daughters of the Storm (Blood and Gold #1), Kim Wilkins

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  1. I hate reading a book that’s good and then it just leaves me unsatisified. There is nothing worse than that. That’s pretty cool though that you won an advanced copy. I didn’t know you could do that! I may have to try that. Free books? Count me in!


  2. I don’t like books that build excitement and then leave you disappointed at the end. It reminds me of a recent book that I’ve read which has as the ending “buy the next book in the series to find out what happens next” which I thought it was not cool at all. The plot of this book sounds interesting though.


  3. The end of a book can make or break my experience. It sounds like an interesting novel with many strong females (always nice to see). How AMAZING that you got to read it before the release!


    1. They were all very strong in their own ways, but I think that with such a large cast things just got a little muddle in the middle.


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