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I honestly don’t know how I came to be friends with Thomas Wythe on Facebook, whether I friend requested him or vice versa. What I do know is that I am extremely satisfied that we were able to cross paths as I become a bit addicted to the short Facebook stories he offers. One in particular I found myself drawn too. Often crossing my mind, bringing it up in casual conversations with my friends and telling people they have to check it out. That would be Dear Elizabeth.

Yes, I know it’s not a book but the writing flows just as fluently as a river releases into the ocean. You get so swept up in this one-sided romance of two people whose lives are changed by their actions and irrevocably the love that could have been or perhaps maybe will be if only it isn’t over already.  Not only is Dear Elizabeth manuscripted to capture your heart but Wythe has chosen to post each letter with an image that allows you a visual aid as to what is to come forth on this journey.

Each letter written to Elizabeth signed off by Jay offer an array of emotions. I found myself both in love and disgusted with each characters proclamations. Which is odd because without reading a word of what Elizabeth has said to Jay, you’re still able to develop a fondness for her. Is Elizabeth always likable? Most definitely not.  Is Jay always likable? Absolutely not. But that’s what makes the character come so alive. Wythe allowed them to be flawed. Wythe allows for Jay to speak freely and openly that makes it real with raw emotions.


Cover created by Lilah E. Noir

He peered through his dark, way too long hair, wishing he could brush her aside just as easily. It seemed but a terrible nightmare he couldn‘t go to her. It was suffocating he could never again touch her. She looked charming with the new short haircut, but her subtle moments remained the same. He felt his insides contracting, when somebody started to talk to her. It was as if there was a thick glass wall between their two worlds, and his was on fire. He loved her, with all his being, but that is why it had to stay that way. He remained there, because she asked him to. She, behind that miles thick wall, and him dying in the fire of his own making, losing all ambition. And yet it took only a glimpse of hers to kiss life into him, filling him up with renewed hope, pacing back and forth behind the glass, in his own personal hell.

Excerpt from Dear Elizabeth Part 2 & Part 5 

26047222_161846891243523_4836261228591162073_nI was hoping for an explanation, some kind of a sensible reason why you didn’t show. I really hoped you didn’t leave me for him, but something terrible happened. Or that you actually did, but finally found a way to be happy. And when your letter came, I got a little excited, even relieved, that now I will know, I will finally understand, why my pain was necessary. It never even crossed my mind that you would choose to do something like that to me. That you could be there, upstairs in that café, looking down at me, seeing me go through all that, and you didn’t show. I can’t wrap my head around, how you could watch me standing there, building up hope every time someone entered, then shattering when it was not you, thousands of times around? You said you wanted to come down and meet me, but why didn’t you? What’s stopping you?
I want to know what were you thinking when you packed the suitcase that day? What was going through your mind, when you were doing your lips for me? Did you picture me touching them with mine? When you were dressing up for me, did you think I was going to take those clothes off of you? Were you excited that you would sleep by my side that night? Tell me then, what changed? You already made up your mind. You left the house. You were done with it.


26114203_161847211243491_4665618064215021267_n I can’t focus on the board meetings and I‘m constantly distracted by you when I’m driving. I’m losing my mind if I can’t see you soon. Can you get some time off to meet me in London? Let me know and I’ll take care of the rest.
You said we shouldn’t rush things and not tell anyone just yet, but I feel like I have a new life and I’m going to take full advantage of it. It’s a fresh start, just what I need. I really hope it won’t trigger any of your anxieties, but I’m just that kind of a person who’s all in on things. I wanna do it all. The marriage, the kids, the golden retriever, all the works. I want to build a life with you. You are the one.
I know, it’s my puppy love talking and you hate that, but I just couldn’t go back home and act like nothing happened. Lyn’s a good girl, and she deserves to know.
So I took her to the Café Tower on the sixth floor next to the conference center in our building. There’s this back room, separated by a gray curtain, that is reserved for the regulars. It’s faced towards the harbor with the beautiful white yachts swaying in the water. Always reminds me hope – that you are never stuck in this life, and there are other places in the world. 

Where to find Dear Elizabeth:

Thomas Wythe does not have a blog site, nor does he have a Facebook page that he showcases his work on. He simply posts these to his wall on his personal page. When I approached him on featuring Dear Elizabeth, he compiled the pieces and created an album so that it would be easier for the reader to follow the letters. You can follow  Thomas Wythe by clicking here. Or if you just wish to catch up on Dear Elizabeth ( You know you want too ) you can click here and it will take you to the directly to the  album.  This is the perfect read for in between meetings at work or a quick ride on the tram.

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

About Thomas Wythe:26197586_164378977656981_682974447_n

What can I tell you about Thomas, his Facebook information is rather bare, but not everyone wants their information plastered all over the internet. So I’m willing to share with you, what he has graciously shared with me. Dear Elizabeth was inspired by an actual person. Now don’t jump to conclusion and think this is his life story. It started out as being inspired by an actual person but as the audience grew so has the story.

He’s humble (at least I think he is) and openly admitted that this is a group effort of a project, stating “There has been a lot of contributors who have been helping me with idea development and proofreading”. I find him to be endearing, a person that you could easily strike up a conversation with and not be feeling mundane. While knowledgeable in 8 languages he can fluently speak 4, which comes in handy during his travels which he does as often as he can. Between indoor rock climbing and writing (his favorite being poetry, which also can be found amongst his timeline) you’ll find him dabbling in entrepreneurship. According to him, people say he smiles a lot. And with a smile like that, why wouldn’t you smile?

Final Thoughts:

Read Dear Elizabeth and if you need more to read you can turn to Jimmy’s Therapy. Follow Thomas Wythe and enjoy his writing as much as I have. He is someone you’ll want to keep an eye on especially for upcoming works.


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  1. What a fascinating way to tell a story! No wonder you found it so fascinating, I find the idea awesome in and of itself! Thank you for sharing this author’s work. I’ll have to pop over to his Facebook page and take a look, m’thinks.


  2. I know the feeling of having authors on Facebook. I’ve done the same when their posts have popped up on my feed and I’ve tried to work out who followed who as I don’t remember. Sounds like an interesting book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is great to hear, Even if you find that Dear Elizabeth isn’t for you, he has many other pieces scattered in his timeline.


    1. Well you won’t actually be able to get your hands on it unless you are on a mobile device, these are as of right now just on Facebook.


  3. Oh wow these are beautifully writen! I hadn’t heard of Thomas Wythe but I think its very cool not to have a website or a fan page, I like the exclusivity (is that even a word..) of his writting, I imagine it must be so exciting to see a new chapter pop up among your Facebook feed!


    1. I’m pretty sure it’s word, if not it sounds legit. I agree I like that aspect of it as well. And yes it really does help brighten my day when I see a new Dear Elizabeth pop in my feed.


    1. Well thank you, I do review many books, but this particular pieces can be found on Facebook, definitely worth taking time to read.


    1. He has definitely crafted his skill in writing. As far as I know he has no published work to date just those that he publishes on Facebook.


    1. Well you may have a hard time finding it in book form, since these as of right now they are facebook posting. I hope you check out the links.


  4. Oh that’s interesting. I didn’t know that there were short stories on facebook! I mean I hadn’t come across any, I always assumed (wrongly of course) that one could find short stores mostly on blogs.


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