Book Review: Second Chance to Live, Roscoe T Kearns

“A friend is someone who dances with you in the sunlight and walks with you in the shadows.” Roscoe T Kearns, Second Chance to Live

Second Chance to Live

By: Roscoe T Kearns

Length: 296 pages

Published: October 12, 2013

Rating: ☆☆


Navigating along life’s crooked line we are naturally touched by the people we meet and most will experience love and death and everything in between. This is a great read for both sexes. A powerful, erotic and thrilling love story with a psychological twist about a man and a woman in their mid forties who meet on an Internet Dating site. He enters her cottage through a purple door, a door he has painted from afar and once through he gets why she decided on purple. A memorable night of heightened sexual pleasure ensues, lasagna and tiramisu in between and deep, yes very deep conversations. The attraction quickly transpires into an emotional connection and before too long they each unlock buried memories of past events, memories neither expected to share with someone they had just met. But it’s clear from the onset they need each other; they need to share their stories to move on in life, a ‘Second Chance to Live.’ Was this fortuitous happenstance beginning with a click of a keyboard or destiny found? Love at first sight perhaps, if such a thing really exists, who knows, I shall let you decide but I do warn you; things are not what they seem as we discover more about their chequered past, a past hell-bent on revenge.


Second Chance to Live has a great premise. I was found that the author used character of a mature and respectable age as many of my readings tend to have the leads be in the age range of 16-30. So it did intrigue me that the author chose an older age bracket. I also loved the fact that our characters have no names. Literally our main characters have no name revealed throughout the book. Secondary characters are given names but the main male and female lead are left nameless.

I didn’t feel much of a connection to any character in this book. They all came to be very mundane. I struggled to read this, while the word flowed seamlessly, the plot was very lackluster. Which was very surprising because the opening is very strong and hooked me. I kept pushing through because I was hoping for more, but more never came. While this is marketed as  thriller, I found no thrill in my read. Even the action packed scenes or more of the lack of action seemed dimmed down and came off as, well as just very BLAH to me.

The booked moved very slowly in the development of our characters and then escalated quickly within very passionate night in which the dialogue seemed forced and oddly scripted.

And the chequered past which was what I assumed was supposed to be an epic reveal twist, was not as epic of twist.

This book just didn’t do it for me. I wanted to finish it quickly but I also wanted to put it down just as fast. Maybe the book just wasn’t met for me.


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  1. That’s disappointing that you didn’t enjoy this read. I love reading and I myself find it very difficult to finish a “bad read”. Go on you for completing it to give us this in dept review.


  2. I loved The Woman in Cabin 10, if you’re looking for a “thriller” type book. I read it in my book club and it was just delightful. Very easy to read and get hooked quickly!


  3. I was thinking, “Wow! This sounds like a really good book that I would like!” and then I got to the rest of the review. I’m not gonna lie. . . now I’m actually curious about it! I don’t think I’ve ever read a book where the main characters didn’t even have names, though.


    1. It intrigued me when it finally dawned on me that the author chose to leave them nameless, and really I didn’t realize it until of 75% of the way, that my leads have no names.


  4. I tend to be leary of books where characters have no names. Mainly, because I don’t want to read about about just anyone I want to believe the characters is real. Even if it’s only when I open the book. Being transferred to another word can only happen if I know names. Also the opening did it job and hooked me too. Sadly, the no names makes me back away.


  5. Sounds a big disappointing with the characters not really coming to life in this one. Oh, well. Not all reads can be great, which makes the great ones really stand out, right? Hope you find some good ones for the holidays 🙂


  6. they say don’t judge a book by its cover, right? But I honestly would have never picked a book with any of the covers on your illustration. It seems, well, it seems that covers with half naked bodies are to compensate with some lack in real writing… Or maybe I’m wrong. Well, I’m sorry it was a deception.


    1. When I was 1st given the book, I received it with the 1st cover the purple and sunset, and while I when I googled searched the book and author then it showed me multiple covers. Which really threw me for a loop. I know authors will change the cover but I’ve never seen one changed 3 times in such a short book life that it has.


  7. That’s a shame the book did not hold its promises. And that you could not connect with the characters; Maybe you’ll get luckier with the next book!


    1. I would love to know your thoughts on the book. That’s one of the many reasons I love them, the story may not have worked for me, but according to goodreads and Amazon it has work for a lot of people.


  8. ‘Second Chance to Live’ interesting title. Then seductive storyline with lot of anxious moments. But you have read it whole and you did not give a thumbs up so I may not consider.


  9. I didn’t hear about this book, but I don’t think I will look for it either. It’s just not my cup of tea. Can’t wait for the next review


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