Book Review: Zarox, Louis Smith


“Eno xoraz fo latsyrc dna em ekam” ~Louis Smith, Zorax

By: Louis Smith

Length: 227 Pages

Published: February 13, 2017

Ratings: ☆☆☆☆


A marvellously magical adventure takes place when a group of four school children stumble across an alternate universe filled with heinous creatures, bedazzling powers and unlocked secrets.

Take a journey to the world of Zarox, where the impossible becomes realistic and danger becomes customary.


At 31 years old I still enjoy stories such as The Hungry Caterpillar or Henry and the purple crayon and let’s not forget Goodnight Moon. That’s one of the wonderful things about books. They don’t have an age limit. While this book is geared towards the middle schooler (middle grade) I found myself on the edge of my set to see where the quest for Parker, Callum, Lucy and Riley led.

When reading as the tale began to unfold about the decrepitation of Zarox, I found myself saying this all sounds so very familiar, Treaties were drawn up, treaties being broken, separation of beings. Then it hit me this is a mystified version of the UN (United Nations). I know it sounds insane but that’s just what popped into my mind. It completely captured me in full.

You have a magical language (noted in the caption of the photo) Which I found to be absolutely delightful when I figured it out. Maybe you can figure it out if you look close enough.

In this book, you’ll encounter important lesson that are cleverly hidden amongst our young cast. You can see values being taught of friendship, family, healthy competition, and bullying. All put into a form that will inspire those with an inquisitive mind.

You’ll find yourself lost and reluctant to return to reality as Smith creativity of an eccentric world that is easily imaginable in your mind. This is by far some of the best world building I have encountered in a book with this marketing age bracket.

Truly this book is meant for the many fans of {Hold your breath, I know this is a big title I’m going to drop} Harry Potter {Breath} and { Hold it again} Chronicles of Narnia.



20 thoughts on “Book Review: Zarox, Louis Smith

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  1. I love Chronicles of Narnia, definitely going to check this one. I agree with you, books do not have an age limit. I still love reading my younger one’s story books.


  2. Not such a big fan of Narnia but obsessed with Harry Potter so for sure a book I would love to read! thanks for the review and recommendation!


  3. I’m a book lover. But I haven’t heard about this Zarox by Louis Smith. and it seems so interesting and magical book to read. Will check this out.


  4. hahahaha! I swear as I was reading your review I was thinking to myself: “this sounds like Harry Potter meets The Chronicles of narnia!”
    I loved both series…. Seriously considering reading this one!


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