Book Haul, 18 Nov 2017

On this wet cold November day, I thought nothing was going to make it brighter. But my wonderful man was the sunshine I had been waiting for. I ordered my books 10 days ago and they have arrived. They originally estimated me to receive my books on the 22nd of November, so I was pleased to get them earlier than anticipated.

I’ve never ordered from Discover books before. But the prices seemed fair, not local library book sale price but roughly $4 for good condition books. You can buy them in new condition or used condition also. While they don’t have that new book smell, these were some I knew I need to have for my bookshelf. All but two of the books were part of my reading list of 2016. Beautiful Disaster & Walking Disaster were books I had  read this year.


Here’s the rundown:

Ally Condie

Jamie McGuire

Alexandra Bracken

Ann Aguirre

Lauren Oliver

So for those who are looking to add to their collection but are on a budget and don’t mind if a library tag is on the book, I would say to give this website a chance. If you have already used this site. What did you think of them? Were you happy with your purchase?


33 thoughts on “ Book Haul, 18 Nov 2017

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    1. You’ll have to check this site out, If I remember correctly I paid $3.80 for each of them in hardback. And they are all in good condition. I sure will enjoy them. 🙂

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    1. I’ll have to check out Abe Books, I’ve heard of it but haven’t ever purchased form there. This is my 1st attempt at buying used books online. I was very hesitant about it. I decided to give them a try based on their mission statement.


  1. What a great way to grow yorur book collection, some stores can be so expensive! Even digital downloads can cost more than the ones you have bought and I hate there’s no beautiful visual copy. I think it would be lovely to see your entire book collection oneday!


  2. I’ve never heard of this website before! I especially like second-hand books because they bear the “spirit” of those who read them before me. It’s like an odd connection you can have with total strangers. Have a pleasant time reading your new books ❤


  3. Some amazing books in your haul. Sounds like a nice website to buy the books, the condition and everything looks good and the price is a deal. I am going to check this website for my holiday reads.


  4. I would love to read pre-owned books instead of buying new ones as I don’t feel as bad buying new ones and not spreading the love. Haha~ Let me know which is your favourite book after reading it!


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