Book Review: Incognito, Jennifer Leigh


By: Jennifer Leigh

Length: 194 Pages

Published:  July 15th, 2013

Ratings: ☆☆


Cabel Amour is a loner. He has cared for himself ever since he left home at the age of fifteen. One day child services catches up to him, but life cannot get worse for this sixteen year old. He is sent to live with a foster family, and his life is drastically changed forever. Love, murder, romance, and mystery are all unraveled as Cabel makes his journey from incognito to unmistakably finding himself.


My original plan was to read books 1 and 2, but after reading book 1 I can’t say that I’m invested enough to want to read book 2 In Plain Sight (Incognito #2). I think that with some work this storyline could really do well. As for the character, I just couldn’t find any connection whatsoever.

Cabel Amour comes or as one note, just bland. His wording and actions just didn’t seem to match with the events that he has gone through. I found it odd, that here we have a 16-year-old’s story coming through but it sounds more like I was reading it from a mature person perspective. Cabel sounds to be at least in his late 50’s or early 60’s. He did not proclaim a 16-year-old on the run from his family. His acceptance of the foster care system was welcoming, to say the least. He was thrilled about it or so it came across. And the Livingston (Foster parents), Well I’ve never know Foster parents that go out and spend so much money on a child when they don’t know the proximity that they’ll be there. I mean they went all out on this kid.

The relationship between Chloe and Cabel was rough, awkward and just the oddest I’ve ever seen for 2 teenagers who both have gone through very tragic events. There was instant love, but not instant love. I really don’t know how I would explain it.

The dialogue between any of the character sounded like it was being watered down. While the book lacked characters, character building it marveled in developing the scene. Perfectly crafting words to set the dynamic of the home, the hotel, even the woods. The places came alive while the people flopped.


32 thoughts on “Book Review: Incognito, Jennifer Leigh

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  1. The book doesn’t sound very exciting to be honest. Maybe the author didn’t really connect and couldn’t find it easy to write from the perspective of a 16 years old boy? I can imagine that it must be strange reading and thinking that it can be a 50 year old man thinking and not a teenager.


  2. Well that’s a bit disappointing. It sounds like the authors connects better with nature and her surroundings than what she does with people. I’ll give this one a miss. Thanks for the honest review Cia


  3. This book seems like it started out with a promising idea, but had terrible execution. It sounds like the author wrote from the POV of a teen to get in on the popularity of YA books, not because they know what they’re writing about.


  4. that’s the thing with books written with a teenager’s point of view – it often times comes of lacking relatability… Your review is meticulous which is great, just disappointed with the book 🙂


  5. Oh that is a shame that the first hasn’t left enough impression for your to read the second. I don’t like it when characters are unrelatable – I have a book like that currently and I’m pretty much just dragging myself through it!


  6. Reading your review, I couldn’t connect with the characters. But that’s great that you still did a review even though you didn’t like it.


  7. I have such a hard time sometimes connecting to books and then finishing them. Good for you on writing a review even when you didn’t care for the book!


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