Book Review: A Harvest of Stars, Cecily Wolfe

A Harvest of Stars

“She was meant for something better”~ Cecily Wolfe, A Harvest of Stars

By: Cecily Wolfe

Length: 201 Pages

Published: June 7, 2016

Ratings: ☆☆☆☆☆


Locklyn Gaines isn’t her mother, but the residents of her small southeastern Kentucky town don’t care. Her mother’s secrets are Lock’s shame, and every time her drunk stepfather uses her as a punching bag, Lock wonders how much her dying mother knows about what goes on in the crumbling old house her mother’s family has lived in for generations. Isaiah Parker hardly remembers life before the first day of kindergarten, before he became obsessed with the serious, dark-haired girl in sunglasses who lives just beyond the field behind his house and rides the school bus with him every day. Protecting Lock had been a fantasy for the child he was, but Isaiah and Lock are nearly finished with high school, and Isaiah knows that now is the time for him to save her. Her stepfather has other plans, however, and one night may be all they have to do whatever it takes to escape and start over again, together


With an ailing mother and an abusive stepfather, Locklyn found herself growing up in the fallen shadows of her mother small hometown in Kentucky.  The community turned a blind eye after several attempts to mediate the home life with no success.

This book follows the journey of Locklyn Gaines and Isaiah Parker. From their first meeting on the bust, through high school. In this realistic fiction novel, you see the pain that crosses Locks life daily and Isaiah struggling to find a way to help her. Wolfe Captured the meaning of everlasting friendship in the purest of forms. Well executed and manipulated scenes that show fear, joy and hope all from the rightful age perspective of our two main characters.

Throughout this journey Lucy Gaines ( Locklyn’s mother) memories are incorporated with the lesson that pertains to the current page’s following Locklyn, offering lessons of life that she never had the chance to teach Locklyn. As Lock faces the challenge brought to her by her stepfather and his despicable ways.

While reading this book your heart will ache for Locklyn. As I mentioned before this is a realistic fiction. But instead of the story being told before it was too late for anything to be done, you get the story from the beginning, from when it starts. You see how Locklyn deals with her life and how Isaiah copes with the surroundings that are doing nothing to protect his lifelong friend.

You won’t regret picking this book up. The only downfall I found was that it was such a quick read. While it was a quick read I do believe the author added all that she could to bring the story to life and bring forth the issues in today’s society that often cover the front pages of our newspapers.

The book ending is abrupt and normally that would get on my last nerve, but it worked for this book it started ended just the way started leaving wanting more. I look forward to reading Starlight ( a sequel to A Harvest of Stars ).



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  1. oooo! I love a good emotional read – my teacher used to tell us that if a book doesn’t truly move our hearts, then it’s not a good book – but I usually enjoy big long books… Quick reads leave me sad because I’m kind of a bookworm and will probably go through it real fast :/


  2. It sounds like a great book to read while on vacation, on a beach. Even if it’s fiction, the story is so real in many houses and communities do turn a blind eye in real life as well. I’d like to read it and find out why the ending is abrupt.


  3. Based on your rate on this book. It sounds so interesting and emotional to read. I am looking forward to picking this book for my next book shop.


  4. This seems like an interesting book to read, judging by the summary it would be a very emotional book as well. surely, would read this!


  5. This sounds like a really good read. I just finish one like that myself, “The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane. The ending made me want to just scream. I will most definitely be looking into this book. Thank you for the share.


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