Book Review : Gold Shadow, L.C Perry

Gold Shadow

Gold Shadow
“A dancer who continued dancing even after the song was over”~ L.C. Perry, Gold Shadow

By: L.C.Perry

Length: 417 Pages

Expected publication: December 2017

Ratings: ☆☆☆☆☆


In the North American continent, eighteen year old Ebony has been living as a slave for as long as she can remember. The underground cities, the tattoo, the scars and the shackles are a part of the only world she has ever known. She knows that in order to survive, she will have to stay strong. And she will stay strong, cursing those in power, until her very last breath. She waits for a meaningful way to die as she quietly pushes her body to its limit…but that all changes when rebels from the surface drop down right in front of her.

Now, Ebony is challenged to envision a life beyond slavery as she and the other escapees are thrown into the center of a rebellion against the monarchy. She has to embrace this glimmer towards a real life…this glimmer called freedom. But what can she contribute to a rebellion that is doomed to fail like those before it? How can they stop a corrupt monarchy that has lasted for a century? Among the lower class, those with hope are hard to come by, but Ebony has found refuge with people full of it. And through their strong desire, an idea emerges…one that has never been done before. The princess of the country is coming of age and what better way to send a message to the king and queen than to kidnap their only daughter?

First book in the Bronze Rebellion series.

To Be Released December 2017


Have you ever read a book that you became so invested in that as you neared the end of the book you tried to slow down on your reading so that the book wouldn’t end, but at the same time read as fast as you could because….well because you had to see how the book ended? This is that book. I couldn’t put it down. I had to though when my Kindle decided it needed to charge.

L.C. Perry will be right there in the ranks with Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games), Veronica Roth (Divergent), Scott Westerfeld (Uglies) and Ally Condie (Matched).  The Bronze Rebellion Series will be right there with them or surpass them. That is how fantastic of a book this is.

While following the growth of Ebony from slave to a badass warrior, every emotion that is felt along the way radiates off the page through a series of well-composed word. You instantly take a liking to Ebony and her silent strength. Any character that makes an appearance in Gold Shadow is meant to be there. At no point in time are you left wondering why was said person introduced or what do they have to offer to the plot. Every character introduced serves a purpose. Just as every scene makes sense as to why it was put into play and the order that it arrived. Along with these comes strong dialogue. Even though the storyline mainly follows Ebony, you easily feel bonded to the escapees, rebels and even Princess Irene. There is not one character who wasn’t perfectly crafted and described.  As the scenes unfold you are able to not only see the personality of each character, but you see the friendships, hatred and essentially that part of the person that has made them who they are today and why they stand on the side they are on. Don’t think that just because this story revolves around the sensitive subject of slavery that this book is just going to be all drama. It is not. You have drama yes, you have comedy, action, and the thrill of what’s to comes. You have the intrigue of how can someone who is expected to run a country be so naive and dense as to what is going on right under feet (literally under her feet).

“You are no one. No one at all. And for that reason, you exist only to serve those in power. Never for yourself.” ~ Gold Shadow, L.C. Perry.

That is the opening lines. And I mean this when I say it as soon as read them, I needed more (Thankfully I had the whole book courtesy of L.C. Perry). This was the perfect dystopian. It was masterfully created that when I reached the end I was suffering from a major book hangover.

This is a must-read for any fan of the whole dystopian genre. This is it this is the book for you.This is going to be the book that will have everyone talking. I know that I can not wait to get this book on my bookshelf.


27 thoughts on “Book Review : Gold Shadow, L.C Perry

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  1. Oh wow this sounds like an absolute good’un! I was a little confused by your star rating thinking that it was 0 out of five, read your entire review and realised it was five stars. I love books that grip you like that and I know exactly what you mean about wanting to know what happens but not wanting to enjoy a good book being over! Added to my list!


    1. I never even thought that until you mentioned it, Oh man I wonder how many other people have thought…lol Perhaps I should find out how to do solid stars. It was an amazing book. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.


  2. A 5 star book review! Wow, you must have really loved this book! I’ll read it for sure, as I’m always searching for a book to snuggle up with and read.


  3. This sounds like a nice read, the storyline sounds like few incidents that I have heard lately. I will check this out. Nice review!


  4. Hi Cia,
    Great review here. I read a lot of books but mostly on the self-help genre. I liked the way you gave an idea about the book.

    Can I suggest you something?

    If you’re on WordPress, I suggest using the plugin “author hreview”. Just google it to download or download from WordPress repo. It will add star ratings to your review posts and those star ratings will show up on Google when anyone searches for this review and you happen to rank.

    Quite good for SEO, and click through rate, hence more traffic.



  5. Oh my God! I can totally relate when you say “when you are almost finishing a book you read slowly because you don’t want it to end but fast because you want to figure out what happens”. I love this book already, I can’t wait to lay my hands on it! I love how you review books too, your style is so kind!


  6. This book looks like a must read! I’m so sad we don’t have a store that sells books in English only in Serbian. This way I have for soo long to wait to arrive. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! Thank you!!


  7. Sounds like a great read. 🙂 I like badass characters and love reading fantasy. I have to say, the cover completely threw me off – I would have guessed it was a contemporary book about a ballerina. Thanks for the recommendation. 😀


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