Book Review: The New Dark, Lorraine Thomson

The New Dark

“A sister who could barely remember her brother’s face. True love of a boy she had barely kissed. Mortal enemy of a childhood friend. Best friend of a mutant. Symbol of a rebellion.” ~ Lorraine Thomson, The New Dark

By: Lorraine Thomson

Length: 187 pages

Ratings: ☆☆


She thought she knew who she was and where she came from. Then her home was destroyed. Her little brother gone. Her boyfriend taken. She owed her own survival to a mutant – the very forces behind the destruction that has ripped her life apart. Now Sorrel will never be the same again.

There is no “Before”, there is only “Now”. Because now there’s no internet, no TV, no power grid. Food is scarce, and the world’s a hostile place. But Sorrel lives a quiet life in the tiny settlement of Amat. It’s all she’s ever known …

Until a gang of marauding mutants destroys the village, snatching her brother Eli, and David, the boy she loves. Sorrel sets out after them, embarking on a journey fraught with danger, spurred on by the thought of Eli and David out there somewhere, desperate for her help …



I was very fortunate enough to receive this book through NetGalley. Remember I mentioned NetGalley not long ago in this Blog —> For the love of ebooks.

Its nitty gritty time it is. While the synopsis is amazing and draws you in don’t expect too much beyond that and the beautiful eye-catching cover.  Yes, the book was okay, I finished it after all. But it really is a big mess. The story jumps quickly between scenes and takes so many turns it’s hard to keep straight.

While it starts off very strong and promising after about 4 chapters is rolls downhill to a become a big cluster of mish-mosh. Through the whole book, I kept thinking that sounds so similar to the Razorland trilogy and Ann Aguirre. There is no real explanation to explain why the world has fallen into such despair or what’s the cause for the “mutants”. Use that term lightly because as it seems they are just people born with severe birth defects who were not killed after birth.

In  The New Dark there are several communities, Amat ( people who live secluded & live off the land), Free ( Cult-like, think FLDS type), Mutants (people born with defects) and the people of Dinawl (people who live in a crappy rundown city who buy  people who don’t live in Dinawl, also live among the mutant). The way that they are all thrown in together just turns into a horrid updated version of an underground railroad effect.  Actually, all the people come off as just ignorant of each other’s lifestyle.

Now onto our cast line up, Thomson doesn’t really give you an age of her characters so you kind of has to wing it. While many of the characters come off as being in their late teens, the “mutants” tend to give off an older vibe of my early 30’s, while the people in the Free come off as all ages.  Even with all that everyone seems to have a scene when they are acting as a toddler, with the exception of Eli who is actually a toddler.

The relationship development between the characters is just painful, and not like painful as in them physically or emotionally hurt each other ( they do that too) but painful as in they all seem to struggle with any kind of empathy while all seeming to come off at Self-absorbed in their own quest.

While the storyline is confusing that is mainly due to the back and forth POV between multiple characters with no indication as to whom the next chapter is going to be about. Weather it jumps from Sorrel (our heroine) and David (love of her life), Occasionally you’ll be thrown a POV of a secondary character as well. After a few sentences into the chapter, you’re able to decipher and put it into the order of where in the timeline you are. As with the swapping of POV, the storyline is also retold and you get to find out if your ahead or behind the POV you were just reading.

So with all that being said the Thomson did an amazing job creating the scenes, really making them come alive. As I said, in the beginning, it starts out amazing with an epic battle scene that takes places.

The book was ok, there were a lot of great scenes the structure of how the story was told, the multiple POV and the guessing of where in the timeline you are made it very difficult to read and follow.

The books also just kind of ends. Now I know this is supposed to be a trilogy and this just books 1, but there wasn’t even a cliffhanger to make you want to continue. It just kind of ended on a very flat not in the POV of a secondary character, which I found very odd.

While I applaud the dynamics of the scene creations, the book left me very underwhelmed.

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  1. Nope, I don’t think I’ll read this one. Although I must agree with you Cia the write up does sound interesting. I need feel some kind of connection with the characters because I’m letting them into my life for a while and this old brain of mine won’t be able to handle jumping around. I’m already so forgetful 😉


    1. I couldn’t agree more. I would be at the end of the scene with Sorrel and then the next chapter would jump way back to almost the beginning with David. It was just too much of a time gap. I think it if it was broken down into to separate books following the same timeline the outcome would have been much better

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  2. Aww it’s too bad that you didn’t like the novel, but I guess it does happens every so often. The premise sounded promising- too bad it didn’t live up to its hype.
    Great review!


  3. Hmm there’s been quite a few books you’ve got me wanting to read but this one doesn’t sound like one for me. I am sorry you found it quite jumbled with the scenes – that’s something that irks me in books!


  4. The cover is rocking. Love it. I’ll add this to my GoodReads. Are you on GoodReads? We should connect up if so and share all the great books!


  5. Even for a book you didn’t like, you still gave a really thorough review! I don’t know how you made it through all the confusion of the POVs. I probably would’ve given up! Lol


  6. there’s been such a hype for this book and you can tell why. The plot is interesting and the characters promise to be quite deep. Nice one 🙂


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