Book Review: Closer, M.C. Vann


“Good, I was starting to think you were never going to hate me” M.C. Vann, Closer

By: M.C. Vann

Length: 393 Pages

Published: July 17, 2017

Rating: ☆


When Alexandria Summers (Ally) bumps into Henry Pearce during the Sunny Valley Tulip Festival, she never thought she’d see him again in her hometown, the Windy City. Despite several warnings telling her to stay away, Ally finds herself falling deeper for this strange man. But little did she know, their fated encounter is just the beginning of a larger scheme.
This beautiful man was flawed.
He was real … real in a sense that he was human after all.
Fragile. Pitiful. Lonely.
Henry was all of these things — elements that I never could imagine him having.
The more I got to know Henry, the more I realized how much of a mystery he was.
A dark, but beautiful mystery.


Ugh…I don’t know where, to begin with, this book. I gave it 1 star. Why….Why….Why…. Honestly, I think it was because at first I was really intrigued by this book. I have a thing for clocks & watches. I know it’s odd….But when I seem them on covers I’m a sucker for them.  So naturally, when an email popped into my inbox for NetGalley, I just couldn’t turn it down. I requested it and wala here I am now throwing my head back, trying really hard to write a review that doesn’t just highlight the lack of interest you’ll find past the synopsis of this book.

Here’s the book in a nutshell: They meet, she falls in love, he goes off the wagon, she hates him, he gets a second chance, she leaves him.

So I found out this is actually a trilogy. It is a trilogy…Seriously, I don’t know what more Vann can offer to this story that makes it drag out 3 books. This book has a lot going on it. But 50% of Closer drags on a very boring relationship between Ally and Henry. The chemistry is so lacking that it took me almost a month to finish because I kept putting the book aside and it became my in-between book. (The book I read in between other books because I feel obligated to finish it)

So Ally was very hard to get a read on, she was shy, quiet, timid and the most gullible female I’ve ever come across in the book world. She lacked personality. I’m not even joking here. This women mere hours after finding out why Henry really was with her (the goes of the wagon part) decided she is going to hate him and even though the opportunity evolves for her to leave the choice to stay with him because he tricked her into signing documents shortly after their relationship turned into a marriage. I mean this chick for a guy she went on a total of like 4 dates with and is never around unless it’s on his time. It was an odd relationship and was completely so far out of the park that it was sad.

The only positive side which was later kicked out from underneath you was that Henry the guy, the love of Ally’s life, the mysterious stranger started out as really likable but about 10 pages in you start contemplating WTF is going on.

The plot twist, if you want to call it that was so easily spotted but never got confirmed until you’re 75% into the book while could have been interesting, just made you sick with disgust that Alley actually flipped flopped back a forth as to what to do with her relationship with Henry after he flat right told he it was all a ruse, after everything he did to her, to her family and to her friends.


It was a rough read. I wouldn’t recommend it.



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  1. Yikes, don’t you hate it when there’s a rough read? It’s like, after reading the whole thing and waiting for it to somehow get better or the plot to make a turn in the right direction…you don’t ever get it. Sorry you didn’t like this one as much, but good to know so I won’t be picking this title up 🙂


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