Book Review : Fighting Love, Anke van Zweel

Fighting Love

“Wine, food, bath and book. That is my future tonight.” Anke van Zweel, Fighting Love

By: Anke van Zweel

Length: 219 pages

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Published: August 7th 2017


The one thing Alissa has sworn off, the one thing she has avoided her whole life, the one thing she ran away from, came knocking at her front door.
Myles with his perfect body and ocean eyes making it hard for any woman to resist him. But he knows what he wants and will do anything to get it.


The characters come to life instantly.  No one is insanely rich or poor. They are essentially just middle-class everyday people. Alissa work as an assistant and Myles is a bar owner. The bonds between the characters like Alissa and Jane (best friends) is so amazingly accurate to the friendship level I have with my best friend. Zweel was able to capture little moments ( eating together, poking fun at each other and knowing when something is off)  that really establish a close friendship these two have. Not only could she establish a friendship bond but she beautifully created two separate sibling bonds, Alissa & Tom and Jane & Myles. While both sets showed sibling being close and protective, she created a background that showed the differences in how each sibling bond had grown strongly. One of a healthy childhood and one of an unhealthy childhood. It was always interesting to see the characters interact with each other as the dialogue flowed seamlessly together. Not once did I feel a scene was cut short or overly done.

This book is definitely made for any women who lived during the 90’s as the author inserts many plugs into movies, actors, and music. Which normally I would say can just come off feeling like an endorsement deal, this was not in the case here. It really helped to bring the scene alive and to create a visualization of the characters. For example this line I went gaga for “I fear that he might be my Achilles’ heel. My Romeo to Juliet, my Jack to Rose, my Noah to Allie.” Seriously, I saw every one of those romances come to life on the big screen and loved every one of those love stories.

While Alissa swore of love, watching her walls fall was beautifully scripted. It was nice not to just see her fall in love at first sight. You actually see her battle with her heart & mind as too what she should do. It was nice to see the processes on her wall falling down.

And last but not least. I ❤ MYLES. He is now my current book boyfriend. Best thing I don’t feel like a cougar because we are the same age. *SCORE*. Seriously, Myles was just the epitome of book boyfriends.  He is sweet, kind, sexy, protective, understanding and can cook with a drop dead gorgeous smile.

So with that, I leave you with this, You will want to go Mustangs with Alissa & Jane, shopping with Tom and have Myles make you breakfast in the morning. Anke van Zweel, you have created a perfect romance novel for me.

*Oh and you know the song by Jame Arthur “Say you wont let go” that is the theme song for this book. Once the relationship started to build this song came to mind.

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  1. You know a character is well written when he becomes your book boyfriend! I like the sound of this one, I always enjoy a book more when the characters have believable relationships with one another. Kinda changes the whole book!


  2. I love stories that weave in the 90’s lifestyle, as I was just coming into my own during that decade. LOL, I love what you said about Myles being your current book boyfriend – we ladies do that, don’t we? 🙂


  3. I haven’t read a good love story in a long time. I think the whole “Mills and Boon” phase I went through some years ago put me off. This one might just make me change my mind. The characters sound so real, like people you’ve actually met.


    1. It’s a big step to go from reading to writing. Sometimes I find reference to become overkill in books, but she nicely put it it there and it flowed really well. She even has the characters singing in the book, which I found myself signing right along with them.


  4. sounds like an interesting read. I like dramas with romance, but not when the story line is heavily influenced by the relationship. Does this book strike a good balance?


    1. I didn;t take that into account when I wrote my review, but it does have a good balance of her life in the relationship and her life outside of it.


  5. OMG I haven’t read a romance novel in a while. I forgot what it’s like to read books about love. Cool that you’re into it.


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