Unrated Review: I am Terry Walker, Skye Andrews

I am Terry Walker

By: Skye Andrews61LrxraKw7L

Length: 38 pages

Published: July 16, 2017

Rating: Unrated


I Am Terry Walker is about a serial killer who uses torture methods to kill his victims. For two decades, he remained anonymous. This is his story.


Unrated. I don’t know how to rate this. On one hand, it was structurally sound, it kept you reading and you wanted to see him be captured. On the other hand, this book is just so disturbing that someone came up with this or that it could possibly be true. Because if you google Terry Walker Killer you get a few article. I was not willing to sit there and go through them to see if it was real or not.

Now I didn’t read the brief summary of this book prior to getting it. Shame on me learned my lesson. It was being offered on Facebook, and I’m a sucker for books so I thought hey why not. After I downloaded I saw how short it was and gave it go. Didn’t take long to finish, but it felt like I was reading for days.

I can’t rate this book because it’s positively disturbing and I wouldn’t want to recommend it to anyone but oddly I know a few people who would enjoy it because they are into the whole psychotic criminal killers thing. Think the Saw Series (pretty sure it’s a well-known movie series.) I never even made it past the 1st one, I think it at like 7 now. But yes that is Terry Walker. I really can’t say why I continued reading it, maybe it was for the closure, the seeing him get caught. Even though it starts off with him in prison and he is telling the story. The story like it’s something you would want to read before bed. Not recommended AT ALL.

But in all honestly, Skye Andrews did an amazing job coming up with this and putting pen to paper. She created a mind that I would never want to cross. She successfully made you feel something.  Oh, how you feel something.  Was it grammatically correct I’d 99%? The book was structurally sound I’d give that 5 stars. But for me actually liking the book. No, No, No without a doubt in my mind NO. I would never read it again, I deleted it from my Kindle and if this is the author writing genre/ style I would not read anything of hers again. I couldn’t stomach it. But I know that is just me. I know that there are people who would enjoy this and would find the read to be psychologically stimulating.

It’s hard to rate a book that I so strongly found to be the most horrendous thing I’ve ever read but yet there is still nothing wrong with except it’s just not my genre choice of reading. That is why I have left this book unrated. I apologize to Skye Andrews but I can’t rate this. My rating is unrated.

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  1. I’m not a horror fan myself, not because they are scary, but mainly because I find them so far fetched that I lose interest in them. Sound like you might be having some sleepless nights.


  2. I don’t watch movies like Saw for a reason. I know others like it, but not me. I do however, admire an author who can create that type of story and not go insane herself.


  3. I don’t read too much horror for the exact same reason- it’s just too disturbing. Serial killer books have to be done well in order for
    Me to enjoy them- I.e. more thriller like than horror. 😊


  4. I would like to thank you again for stepping out of your comfort zone to finish reading my book. Even though your review is unrated it was an honest review and I can’t fault you for not wanting to rate it. I apologize if my book caused nightmares as that was not my intention. The torture methods are real and have been used throughout history. I wanted to highlight these methods in my book as it is an example of how people have been treated over centuries when paying for crimes they have committed.

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