Series Review: Ray Series, E.L. Todd

Ray Series
“You can’t fight an enemy you can’t see…” ~E.L. Todd, Ray of Heart

Ray Series

By: E.L. Todd

Length (combined): 2,604 pages

Rating: ☆☆☆


  1. Ray of Light
  2. Ray of Hope
  3. Ray of Love
  4. Ray of Time 
  5. Ray of Heart
  6. Ray of New
  7. Ray of Life


Ray of Light : ☆☆☆

ray-of-light-1-1This is the story.
I was walking my German shepherd through the park when my dog took off and snapped the leash out of my hand. He sprinted down the path until he made friends with some stranger.
Some damn hot stranger.
We flirted back and forth, and then he went straight for the kill and invited me back to his place. I totally would have said yes, but I already had a date for the evening.
But he didn’t ask me to see him some other time.
I hid my hurt at the rejection and moved on with my life.
Ryker and I crossed paths again in the way I least expected. He’s still just as sexy and charming, and this time, I made sure I didn’t have a date for the evening.
Because I wanted to be his for the night.

Ray of Hope: ☆☆☆☆

ray-of-hope-2Ryker and I aren’t exactly perfect.
But I was falling for him—and falling hard.
Every kiss. Every touch. Every embrace.
Just made me realize this wasn’t a fling. It wasn’t even a relationship.
It was so much more.
I just hoped Rex was wrong about Ryker. Because I didn’t have the heart to listen to him say those terrible three words.
Told you so.


Ray of Love: ☆☆☆☆

ray-of-love-3There’s no way to sugarcoat it.
Ryker dumped me.
Everyone warned me dating him was the wrong decision. But I did it anyway.
Now that it’s been three months I’m finally in a good place. I haven’t started dating just yet but I know that will happen in time. Finally, I don’t think about Ryker anymore.
But when I have a dream about Zeke, a very inappropriate one, I start to wonder things I shouldn’t.
And I start to look at him in a way I never have before…


Ray of Time: ☆☆

ray-of-time-4Zeke and I are finally together.
Going from best friends to lovers is surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. We do everything together, and of course, the sex is fabulous.
Everything is great until Ryker shows up. He says he needs to talk to me and I think I know what it’s regarding. If my suspicion is right, he’s in for rejection.
Because he missed his chance a long time ago.

Ray of Heart: ☆☆☆☆

ray-of-heart-5Ryker finally told me what happened all those months ago. He explained his distance, his coldness.
Now everything makes sense.
I’ve been with Zeke for a long time now, and everything is exactly how I want it to be.
I adore him.
No, I love him.
But there’s a warning deep in my gut. Zeke is acting differently, and Ryker isn’t the same either.
It’s the calm before the storm.
I can feel it.

Ray of New: ☆☆☆☆

ray-of-new-6-768x1151She picked him.
Because I waited too long to get my shit together.
This is all my fault.
I need to get out of here. I need to start over.
I need to get over her.
So I’m moving back to New York.
I’m going back to my old ways. Lots of sex. Lots of alcohol. Lots of fun.
Until I meet Austen.

Ray of Life: ☆☆☆

ray-of-life-7Austen and I could never have something real.
She’s still hung up on her ex. I’m still in love with Rae.
So we’ll just stay friends.
But I miss her all the time. When I’m lying next to someone else, I wonder if she misses me too.
Does she?





So originally this series was set to be only 5 books….and some of it probably could have been combined or even condensed because 7 books is a bit excessive if you ask me. But this is actually pretty tame for E.L Todd as she has one series that is well into the 50’s. So maybe 7 really isn’t that many. I can personally say I was one of the many asking for more of Ryker (you’ll find out more on him in the review). Really the series follow Rea from book 1-5 and Ryker in 6 & 7.  Each book averages about 370 ish pages but it really doesn’t feel that way at all. In fact I didn’t realize how lengthy it was until I add numbers up. (FYI I get the pages number from what is provide on Amazon.)

The series is supposed to be a romantic comedy but I can’t say that’s the case for all the books, not all of them I found to have a comedy anywhere near it, book one for example. So why did I continue to read the series well honestly because I  was on the ARC  (advance readers copy) list. I read other books by E.L todd and I can tell you one thing she seem to follow the same format for her characters, they are youthful early 20’s and somehow live very soap opera lives.

Rea , oh Rea….she does what every girl should never do she falls not only the bad boy but her brothers best friend as well in one series. Like I said book 1-5 or Light – Heart focus on the relationship between Rea, Ryker and Zeke. While the characters were easy sometimes I found myself questioning their intelligence. While the books were good and I kept reading, You could easily tell what was going to happen before it happened. So the twists through that series really in fact were not really a twist but still written well enough that I still read on. But by the time you reach book 4 it goes from being on a good streak down to plop. Book 4 was just completely mind-boggling and not in a good way at all. The relationship that formed with Rea and Ryker was hot and steamy. But then Zeke happens and it fell flat for me. It just wasn’t there, you know what mean. That sparks. I didn’t feel it. I didn’t even feel it towards the end. I was so team Ryker and E.L. Todd was so set on Zeke and Rea.

There is a lot of back and fourths in these books, like all of them you’ll find it happening at least once in every book.  Throughout the book you don’t find your usual run of the mill problems for young adult. Rea is scientist, Rex ( her brother also the comedic aire in the book) won the lotto and bought a crappy bowling alley, Ryker (guy number) was left his father’s company and is now Rea’s boss and Rex’s friend, Zeke (guy number 2) is a freaking doctor and Rex’s best friend, Kayden and Jessie are the best friends of Rea.

They are a likeable bunch, you get to visit them in Ryker’s books 6 & 7. But you also get a new line up as Ryker moves cross-country to lick his wounds and dum dum we get to me Austen. Now Ryker is stuck in his own triangle, that he is battling with himself. Rae, Ryker & Austen. Austen cute, I enjoyed her. I loved her spunk, her personality and that she didn’t just jump on Ryker (Like I would have) right of the back. She made him work for her.  You’re probably wondering how in the world does the old cast revisit them, Well apparently Zeke is ok with Ryker and Rea maintaining a friendship. while Ryker is trying to get over Rea he confines in her as well and slowly realizes that while he loves Rea he is not in love with her. And what does the good ol gang do but stick their nose where it doesn’t belong fly across the country to interfere and let Austen know what Rea & Ryker have is over.

I enjoyed the group’s dynamic, The twist even though easily spotted) the feeling of being apart of the group and Rex an his goof ass. The author built such a world that it was easy to be transported there. She created a world that you could live in and adore. Pin pointing just what needed for the story to be complete. While long and I do think it’s worth the read. But keep in mind while this series was has an overall rating of 3 stars (3.42 to be exact) some books just sucked while some rose to the occasion. It really is a rollercoaster of a ride.

Ray Series
“You can’t fight an enemy you can’t see…” ~E.L. Todd, Ray of Heart


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    1. Like I said I finished this series purely because it was at no cost to me. Your tell me her longest series is the Forever and ever series currently at 51 book ( I don’t know if she plans on adding more)…I only read book 1 (free on amazon) because $5 a book adds up and I can’t make that kind of investment…lol

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  1. There are only a few YA books I enjoy but this does not sound like one of them lol. I love reading book reviews to avoid wasting my time and money, I’m one of those crazy people who buys books instead of borrowing them first lol.


  2. Oh this really does sound like a soap opera in book form! I usually just read one off books so I kind of like the idea of following characters on longer journeys and getting to know them. Lemme go check Google Play Store… 😉 Thank you for your reviews by the way. I find it hard to get into a book to start with so I find them really helpful!


  3. I had never heard of this series and this author before reading your post! 7 books look like a lot but when you’re an avid reader it is nothing. The books sound a bit predictable to me. Like when you said Rea does everything a girl should not do. I am looking for new books to read and I may give this series a go.


  4. I love books in general. But never tried such a long series. Maybe this is the time I can give it a try. Especially winter is coming with a cup of tea and series of books. It’s a great gift idea too for people who love series books.


  5. I got confused with the summaries from your last 2 books, and was wondering what happened to the characters. But I’m glad you’ve explained it. this seems to be avery commonly used plot for romance, but I’m actually intrigued to see how the characters were developed~


  6. This sounds like a book you just get hooked on and can’t let it go until you finished the whole series. A bit too dangerous for me to start with, as I’m really am a book addict. 🙂 But maybe for the winter it would be good to spend some time with an exciting book!


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