To ink it or not

I love books. Books have been my solace for a number of years.  I enjoy reading so much That I’ve contemplated getting a tattoo to show my love of reading. I’ve thought about it long and hard as I do all my tattoos. After all it’s there for good.  I’ve spent about 7 years before finally deciding  what my last tattoo was going to be and finally got it completed. Now for this book tattoo I say I’m encroaching the 3 year mark.  And Pinterest doesn’t help, because it’s always throwing tattoos ideas at me, along with my bestes who has been with me for 4 out of the 5 tattoos I already have. I’ve also decided that the placement would be my right wrist.

So this is what I have come up with as top contender:

  1.  The ISBN of the books that capture my love of reading. The first book the drew me into reading was The Pinballs by Betsy Byars ( I still have my original book, paperback, missing cover but still refuse to replace it) and  Chasing Redbird by Sharon Creech. For those who don’t know  what ISBN is  it is the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique numeric commercial book identifier. So literally it would be:
    Pinballs ISBN on top Chasing Redbird ISBN on bottom

    Nice clean basic. I would know the meaning and no one else would. But I’d have to face the many questions of “what do the numbers mean”.

  2. Books turning into birds.
    BeFunky Collage
    Found some examples on Pinterest

    That right I figured with this look I’d be able to have the bird in the end turn all red like a red bird.  This seems to be a popular one but I either see them in all black or watercolor style. I also wouldn’t want it to go straight up my arm but wrap around so that the red bird would end on the opposite side of the book.  A traveling tattoo as I call it.

  3. ff875dc8f6ce2483938d3975a24e12a7.jpg
    Page heart
  4. 82727813b187bc01d45e08dbe5282977
    Stacked books
  5. 6dbad22cc009b954ed106d486174fbed
    Book shelf
  6. Lastly a simple homage to the Fairytales and the dewey decimal system


So there is it…My narrowed down list. So hopefully by Christmas I’ll be sporting some new ink I just have to narrow it down to one.




25 thoughts on “To ink it or not

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  1. What a nice tattoo. Honestly, I really hate tattoo. If I will choose, I will choose the books turning into bird. So stunning and chic.


  2. Have you mentioned Pinballs before? I loved that book. I want to get another tattoo and I can’t make up my mind what and where. One thing to think about, if you’re going on the inside forearm, it hurts. I was surprised at how much. So if you don’t have a tolerance of any kind, go with the simplest.


    1. I probably have, I adore the book. I a tattoo on each of my forearms already and I agree with you I was surprised by the pain in that one but it was bearable for me. The one that hurt the most was the one that spans across my shoulders. I have a lot more I’d like to get done but the book Tattoo is next on my list.


  3. I love tattoos – I have 8 of them. My advice would be to go for something unique. So the isbn numbers is a good one, it would also be a conversation starter as people will want to know what the number means.


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