For the love of ebooks

PicMonkey CollageDid you know there are lots of place to access books. My favorites are those that are free or nearly free. With the almighty powerful internet accessing books from all over the world is possible in a matter of a simple click. No more waiting months for the book to come out, no more waiting weeks for the patron to return the library book you been desperately wanting to read and no more cost.

I’ve compiled for you a list of  book sites I use. I know there are many more out there so please feel free to add on and let me know them, because I’m always on the search for a new book.

These site I know work in the US. As for other countries I’m so sorry but I am totally clueless. But if you find out t works for you please, please please let me know. I can update the list and let other know as well.

These are listed in no particular order

  1. Booklending :


    I have a ton of books on Amazon but no one to lend them too. This site puts you in touch with other who are in the same boat. Downfall is that books can only lent once so once you lend it you can’t lend it again. Plus you get access to the other user libraries who are willing to give you there one lend.

  2. Bookperk:


    You get a free ebook for signing up. Otherwise the email you (your preferred genres) of discounts. And some of these discounts are impressives. Last week they had Nora Roberts, Mind over Matter at $1 as opposed to the $5 price tag it carries now. Downfall the emails come, they come daily unless you change your settings.

  3. Bookbub:


    This is probably one I use the most. I adore bookbub. There site is easy, streamline and to the point. You can search by author, book title and genre. Best of all you can even just search Free ebooks. They also list books at discount prices. They send emails also but that can be changed in your settings.

  4. Freebooksy:

    Well it pretty simple it’s says it right there free books. Once you open the page it shows you free books and tells you how long that book will free for. It also gives you the option to search by genres and authors.

  5. Instafreebie: 

    There are a lot of books and I have hours on here looking through books. Downfall if you plan to read on your kindle you have to forward the link to your kindle so yes it’s an extra step but it is worth it. Tip make sure you forward them as they come in so you don’t miss one. The emails have no pictures so you’ll have to read and find the title in the content.

  6. Netgalley: 

    I am new to the Netgalley world. But let me tell you it opens up a whole new bookcase because some of these books are advanced reads. (books that have not been published yet) Downfall you have to request the book and then it is up to the publisher or author if you’ll receive a copy of it. Some like you to have multiple review under your belt, a goodreads/ amazon account, some only give to bloggers.

  7. OverDrive:

    I found out about OverDrive from my son last year when he was 10. Apparently it is something his school uses in the library. But it extends further than school Libraries. It extends to public Libraries. Big plus it that it works with  more than 30,000 libraries in 40+ countries. So be sure to check this one out. They also offer audio books. You get to borrow the book for 14 days and you never have to worry about late fees again because if  you forget to send it back it’ll automatically go back after to timeframe is up.

  8. Free Library of Philadelphia:

    The great thing about this is you don’t have to reside in Philadelphia PA to access their library. As long as you live with in the US all you have to do is sign up ( you can apply online) for a library card and then you can accesses their ebooks. They work with OverDrive so no late fees, no fees at all actually.

So there you have it. I know there are lots of sites out there but these are my primary go to’s. I also know there are lots of sites that offer the books illegally, I don’t condone those or the use of them. It doesn’t benefit anyone. The sites I list are legit place to have accesses to books.

71 thoughts on “For the love of ebooks

Add yours

    1. I too love actual books, the smell, feel and weight of them( now I sound like a stalker). The kindle work best now because my little people with little fingers don’t see them a blank canvases.


    1. THank you for this. I can say when I first I got on it sent request, after request after request…It was a very busy reading period for me to say the least. I’ve since learned my lesson, Now I only send out 1-2 request at a time ad wait for a responsive before sending out more. Thank you for sharing with me.

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  1. This is a great collections of websites where to find free ebooks. If I were to search for some I wouldn’t know where to start. I don’t have a kindle so at the moment I prefer reading books on paper but if I’ll get one I will make sure to check out some of these websites.


  2. Dear CIA
    Two sites I know work in Canada areBookBub and Bargain Booksy. The latter offers books at bargain prices. BookBub gives some books free and others at great low prices. One other site I have used is Instafreebie. It gives a wide range of books free, but you have to accept emails from authors about their work (which I actually appreciate because it put me in contact with you and Elon Peer) but my inbox is getting crowded with emails from authors. Hope this helps.
    George Hancocks

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    1. Yes Instafreebies has connected me to a few authors as well.Some I stuck with like Elin other I let go. I’ve never heard of Bargain Booksy, I’ll have to check that out, and add it to my list


  3. These are wonderful suggestions for helping people find ebooks ! It is amazing how technology allows us access to so many books now at the touch of a button but I’m old school… I like the scent of an old book and the feel of a book in my hand…


    1. I agree nothing compare to the actual feeling of a book in your hand. I currently working on a list of place to obtain free or discounted books.


  4. Thanks for sharing this. I didn’t know there were so many online resources to get free books! I am going to check out the links and let you know how it goes.


      1. That’s where I got into trouble because I didn’t get them reviewed until I had a stack lol. Then they see you haven’t reviewed and you don’t get approved. Lesson learned lol


      2. I have 2 currently that I have to read and review the release dates for them aren’t until Oct. so I better get started.


  5. What an awesome post, I hadn’t heard of these! I may have to check out BookBub, that sounds awesome! I am always reluctant on spending a fortune on books, as nice as it is to have a hard copy I begin running out of space – this is also a great solution!


  6. I love how good stories are so accessible these days. I still love the feel of a book with pages, but sometimes it’s nice to have good reads everywhere you go.


    1. Yes, I love the feel and smell of books. I know how odd that is. But my youngest is an artist in training and thinks all pages are meant to be colored. So while mine a resting safely in boxes until the phase passes my kindle can handle crayons and markers much better.


    1. I haven’t tried ebooks yet, but my kindle paperwhite doesn’t support ebooks I think I may change to one that does because it is something I’ve been meaning to try out


  7. This is great list of websites for ebooks. I agree the real paper book is the best but i love kindle as well, while traveling. Will check if these websites works for us in Middle East.


  8. Well talking about clueless I had no idea there were so many websites I could access for ebooks ^^ ! Though I am not in the USA I may have to try and see if it works here!


  9. I recently re-discovered my Kindle and since then my daughter had been discovering the awesomeness of ebooks . . . she is in love! I’m so happy she has it as an option now. The possibilities are truly endless . . .


  10. I see it’s time to up my ebook game 😉 I currently only use a couple, as I still like the feel of a book in my hands. That said, ebooks are super duper convenient when on the go, and for traveling!


  11. I bookmarked this. I have made excuses why I am not reading more but I am inspired since you compiled this free book resource. I would love to check out these free books!


  12. I have to be honest, I was completely unaware of all the above free resources for ebooks. In fact I am gonna refer this page to elder sister, she is too much into reading all the novels and books on Kindle. She would love these resources. Thank you so much for sharing with us 🙂

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