Series Review: Matefinder Next Generation by Leia Stone

Matefinder Next Generation 

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“I had spent the entire day hiking through the woods and was no closer to a spiritual epiphany than I was to a cheeseburger.” ~ Leia Stone, Keeper

 By:Leia Stone

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Length (combined): 390 pages 

Rating (averaged): ☆☆☆

As of September 8th, 2017 this series only contains 2 books.

Author note: This is stand alone series that follows the daughter of Kai and Aurora from the Matefinder series twenty years in the future. It is not necessary to read the Matefinder series first.


  1. Keeper
  2. Walker


What would you do if you found out your mate was dying?
Anya has inherited her mother’s gift. Born in a set of twins, she is the next Matefinder and her brother, Jaxon, is her sworn protector. But it looks like finding mates for the werewolf kind isn’t what Spirit has in plan for her. And when she starts dreaming about a human guy in trouble, her whole life changes. With the clock ticking on both of their lives, will Anya be able to do what needs to be done to survive?


With humans and werewolves on the brink of war, Anya finds herself right in the middle. When she has a terrifying vision, which her Shaman mentor says will come to pass, she stops at nothing to try and save everyone. Armed with new responsibilities, Anya is stalked by the Skin Walker who wants nothing more than to see her dead. But when her mate, Gavin, starts acting weird and closes down their mate bond, she’s afraid she will lose everything.


Facts first: This is a standalone series but if you want more of the background of some of the secondary characters then be sure to read  Materfinders series which I just recently reviewed  also. But is not totally necessary, reading this prior allows you to dive deep into Mt. Hood and the werewolf pack that the next generation stems from.

Anya is college-aged, prime age for the ideal young adult lead character if you ask me. While she should be preparing to go to college, she and her twin brother are unable to because their kind is on the brink of war with the human. The humans who 20 years prior were saved by the werewolves now are hunting them down to save themselves.

While I found the book to be a unique twist on the werewolf phenomena, the story seemed extra quick pace. If the action in the paranormal world is what you like then this series should be right up your alley.

I’m trying hard to write this review, not because I didn’t like the series but because I so desperately want to include back facts Matefinders. This series is essentially a spin-off. Some spin-offs flop and some exceed beyond. I think this one found the middle ground of just being a spin-off. It’s not bad, it’s not good ( it does lean more towards the good ), it just kinda floating there for me.

Poor Anya and Gavin they go got drug through it in this series. Them both being a mixed form of some paranormal familiarities. Struggling with the battle between humans and werewolves, while facing another battle between Walker and Keeper. Anya and Gavin are stuck in both. While the battle of humans and werewolves threatens Anya kind, the battle between Walker and Keeper threatens Anya mate. With the help of a Shaman name Nahuel, Anya and Gavin must contend with what they are willing to do and give up.

I enjoyed this series conclusion but it feels like the author may not be fully done with it as a few of the secondary characters lives didn’t seem to end in this book. Mainly the very last character introduces. Could Leia Stone have another book up her sleeve? Possibly but the character needs to reach out to her and demand their book be made. As  Stone seems to have a strong pack of her own to support the series moving forward.



40 thoughts on “Series Review: Matefinder Next Generation by Leia Stone

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  1. I used to read so much, I hate that I stopped. Maybe I should get back into it with these! Although you said it wasn’t necessary to read the original Matefinder series I probably would, and then these!


    1. Reading the Matefinders first is totally optional. I would suggest if your looking to really dive deep into the world of Mt. Hood.


  2. It sounds like a great series for someone who is into this kind of fiction books. I am not I’m afraid, but I’m sure young adults passionate about supra-natural will love them.


  3. The series sounds quite interesting, although I’d probably read the previous MateFinders first before tackling these two. I’d love to try and tempt my daughter to try read these too. We struggle to find books that appeal to her and her Dad and I are both avid readers, so it feels weird when she’s not really into books.


  4. I like to read but am not familiar with this genre at all. Was very interesting to read about the book review to learn more about the genre! Sounds like a great series. Hopefully there will be more books in the series.


  5. Hmm… this somehow feels like another Twilight series. I was entertained by the first book but totally bored when it comes to the second and third series. So I’m not sure if I will want to read another fantasy story anytime soon~ Will ask my friends for second opinion but thanks for introducing!


    1. I too couldn’t get into the whole twilight phase. I own all the books but they just collect dust. I have the intention to read them but found myself stuck on page 5…lol This series focus more on werewolves and other aspects of the spiritual realm.


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