Series Review : Clashing Colors, Elin Peer

Clashing Colors

By: Elin PeerClashingColors_boxSet

Publication Date: May 4, 2017

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Length: 1317 pages

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

This box set includes all five books in the Clashing Colors series.

The Clashing Colors series has readers raving about the unpredictable plots and intriguing stories. With Elin’s unique talent of tackling taboos and sensitive subjects with humor and insight this box-set is guaranteed to keep you highly entertained. Expect five very different stories of what happens when opposites attract.

You can read the full book descriptions below for each book. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in reading be sure to pop on over to the author’s website and get the first book Black as a welcome gift. *


Can a man who gives and takes orders for a living help a rebel who lives to break all the BK1-Black-E-Book-Cover_360x540rules and answer to no one?

Twenty-one-year-old Black is a homeless “Goth-rebel” who has broken laws to survive ever since she ran away from home seven years ago. When she is arrested for shoplifting, she’s forced to reach out to the father who never wanted anything to do with her.

Gabriel is a decorated war hero who just returned from duty in Afghanistan. When he overhears his stepbrother having a phone conversation with a secret daughter that the family never knew about he is shocked to hear the hard rejection she gets. Since his stepbrother won’t do the right thing, Gabriel steps up, committed to help his new step-niece get back on her feet. But what happens when Black is forced to go into drug rehab with an unorthodox therapist whose methods are bat-shit crazy and require a parent to come along? Gabriel and Black hardly know each other, but when Gabriel offers to step up and replace his stepbrother, things quickly get intense between them.


Science and faith face off in this lovely contemporary romance novel full of lovable and witty characters. Violoet

Ever since I fell in love with Jake as a child, I’ve thought of him and me as opposites that would complement each other.
I’m a psychic medium who works with spirits and tarot cards while Jake is a scientist who only believes in things that can be proven with hard data.
Unfortunately, adulthood has only increased our differences and to Jake, and everyone around us, we’re more like clashing colors that should avoid mixing. Although I can clear a house of spirits, I have no clue how to clear my heart of Jake.

Violet is called upon by a group of scientists to investigate supernatural phenomena in their lab. It could be her chance to prove to Jake, her longtime crush, that what she does is valid. But can she produce evidence strong enough for the biggest skeptic to believe that all psychics aren’t frauds? And if she succeeds will he finally see her as more than his best friend’s younger sister?


How dare he? How dare he come into my store, The Green Vegan Shop, with a t-shirt ClashingColors_Greensaying: I didn’t claw myself to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables? 

I get it. He’s a chef and meat lover, but does he have to flash it in my face every time he shops here? Honestly, I try to be nice to everyone. I’m a vegan after all. We’re nice people… but this guy gets under my skin. Like a tick. And he brings out the feisty redhead lurking inside me. He is easily the most infuriating, selfish, and cruel bastard in the city of Seattle.

Melody is proving to herself and the world that she has what it takes to run a successful business, based on sustainability and fair trade.
Her family thinks she should be focusing on starting a family since she’s already thirty-two, and she is trying. But even with the help of an agency it seems impossible to find a decent man who matches her criteria and has what it takes to excite her. It’s not that she’s frigid, it’s just that she’s attracted to the wrong man.


Logan MacKay’s sexy Scottish accent can drop panties on both sides of the pond.
But he’s a shy tech-savvy introvert.ClashingColors_Blue
Logan’s confident and flirtatious hiding behind his phone, but gloomy and withdrawn in the flesh.

And that compelling stranger he laughs with on the phone? Mary?
It’s me.
But to Logan, I’m Faith. The vivacious cheerleader who sheds unwelcome light on his dark and debilitating anxiety when exposed to beautiful women.

And I don’t want a relationship with him.
No. Damn. Way.
I just want to help him get past his ridiculous and unfounded beliefs about the opposite sex.
You see, Logan MacKay has scars. Physical and emotional marks that he thinks make him undesirable. But he’s not. Not by a long shot.

Damaged people like Logan inspired me to enter the mental health field. He’s one reason I’m studying to become a psychologist.
With my eternal optimism I can fix Logan. I know I can.
If only he would stop scowling at me and say yes to my brilliant idea of taking me in as his roommate.


“If you were a color, what color would you be?” he asked me.
ClashingColors_Yellow“I would be a rainbow of colors. Whatever color people wanted to see, I would be it.”
“I’m not asking what color you think other people want to see. Tell me what color you are – at your core?”
And then it hit me. I had absolutely no idea because I didn’t know who I was at the core.

Twenty-six-year-old Chloe Olsson, aka movie star “Cleo,” is caught in a toxic world of fans, paparazzi, and a money-hungry agent. Being the girlfriend of pop star Niko is no dream either, and his constant jealousy has caused her to go into hiding for a time.

Two weeks in the forest with famous Native American healer Onava was supposed to be a wonderful and relaxing detox. But when Onava is called away and her grandson Adam moves in to the small cabin instead, Chloe’s peace is over.
Adam is rude and unimpressed by her fame. And what’s worse is his ridiculous idea that she’s in this mess because she doesn’t know how to set her personal boundaries.

With only eleven days to teach her, he seems determined to give her plenty of opportunities to practice on him.


I know it’s a lot to take in, but I promise it was well worth it just so you could find out about these amazing books. Plus now you get my wonderful input. This series took me one month to read. I know one month is a long time for 5 books, but during the course of time, I also read The Slave Series also by Elin Peer.  (Another excellent read, really add it to you TBR. )

To get back on track….I chose this series to be my first formal blog review for the simple reason it defined the relationship I built with this author. Oh…. we hung out many times, chatted over morning coffee and had many session with a discussion of the love that she built up through her incredible words. Ok not really. But, how cool would that be. Seriously I choose this one because I owe an homage to it. My pen name is Cia Black. I can’t really say much but I promise if you read Black book 1 of the series you’ll fully understand it. Plus C-ya Black is the name of my awesome cool mom ride.

While each book could be read as a standalone, I highly recommend that these be read in the order that the author published them.

These are a contemporary new age adult romance book that is slightly dark and just twisted enough to keep you going. The series follows the lives of 5 different women whom lives are intertwined through friendship and relationships. These women are women you know and I personally can tell you that you are guaranteed to find yourself inside one of these books.  You’re also bound to find yourself a new book boyfriend or 5. While each female stands out on her own the male leads also give you 5 perspectives on men who are finding a way to keep themselves grounded while falling hopelessly in love with their counter partner.

This series has everything, I really don’t think there a stone left unturned. You’ll cheer for them, you’ll cry with them, you’ll get pissed at them too but really the most important thing is that you will fall in love with this cast, with the writing, and with this author.

Elin Peer, you have created a fan out of me. I look forward to your future publishing.


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*I don’t know how long this will be available but hopefully you discovered it in time. If not the books are available on a number of other sites such as Amazon.

35 thoughts on “Series Review : Clashing Colors, Elin Peer

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  1. It’s interesting how the books feature different woman who are connected, so you probably learn more of the bigger picture as you read. I’d say 5 books in a month is impressive!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have not, I love reading series a whole, So I’m patiently holding off and living through everyone else’s reviews of them so far ( which seem to be a big hit)


    1. It really is a remarkable series but of course you already know my thoughts on it. Please do remember me when you read and let me know what you thought of it.


  2. I love how you’re so into the characters and even want to fix Logan’s issues 🤣 Lol!! I get so into the characters too, which is why I can’t start books. When I do, I can’t put them down and get nothing else done. Haha!


  3. It’s about time to check out this interesting series, just in time for the season! I’ll visit Erin’s website, great review by the way!


    1. It really is a great series, Heads up she is not in progress of a another series Men of the North. Be sure to check out Elin page, she offers a free download of Black and a free download of her debut book Accidental Slave


  4. I have a book wish list of about 30 books… Just added this series to the list. What I love to read about is characters that are relatable, about real women like me. I love to read, but the part I hate is that I get too into it that I feel like I know them and at the end I feel like I’m leaving them behind and feel so empty. Does this happen to you too?


    1. All the time it happens to me. my friends and I refer to that as book coma…Because we end up stuck in that world. I have way more book on my book list then I probably should. I can get lost in reading synopsis of books and adding them to my list. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I had.


    1. They are on Amazon and I believe Peer is still offering the 1st book free at her website. Just click her name above and it’ll take you there.


  5. I would love to review this whole series on my blog! I haven’t read them and it sounds super intriguing. Which one would you say you liked the best and the least? New age romance novels would absolutely be awesome to read esp since the market needs new versions.


    1. Each book is so unique that this group of friends really stand on their own. Black relationship is very unique, Violets relationships is spiritual aspects, Green is passionate, Blue is curiosity and yellow is self discovery. But choosing one is hard. I would say I enjoyed Green the most, because she would be the most relatable to my relationship. But Logan is from Blue is killer ( not literally).


  6. You always seem to find the books with the coolest covers lol. I would love to read a whole series of even a full book for that matter lol. I always get sidetracked and busy then I forget what happened when I am able to sit and read lol


    1. I can get much credit for the covers, but they are the first thing you see so a good cover always helps books sell. I use to be the same way always getting side tracked, it just take the right book to get you hooked.


  7. You always find great books for us to add to our list! These 5 in a series, look quite interesting I just need to see if they have been translated to French 🙂


    1. Ahhh….I don’t know if they are. I hope they are, the series is so great I’d tht you may miss the chance to read them because of a language barrier


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