Book Review: Everlife (Everlife #3), Gena Showalter

Everlife By: Gena Showalter Length: 496 Pages Published: February 27th 2018 Rating:  Summary: STAND TOGETHER OR FALL ALONE. THE FATE OF THE EVERLIFE HANGS IN THE BALANCE. At seventeen years old, Tenley “Ten” Lockwood had to make the ultimate choice—where to live after she died. Loyalty to her selected realm has not wavered…until now. She is... Continue Reading →

Book Review: In Reality, Loralie Murrison

In Reality By: Loralie Murrison Length: 187 pages Published: February 26th 2018 Rating: ☆☆ Summary: Ellery Walker wants to avoid reality, or at least her mother's version of it. Her family 'stars' on the hit reality TV show Life With the Walkers and Ellery despises every moment of it. Seeking escape she hides herself away at a... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Wrong Sister, T.E. Woods

The Wrong Sister By: T.E. Wood Length:  273 pages Published: February 27th 2018 Rating: ☆☆☆☆ Summary: Sometimes a perfect stranger . . . From behind the wheel of her car, Tess Kincaid glimpses a woman walking down a Madison, Wisconsin, street. They’ve never met, but Tess senses an undeniable familiarity about her. Hair color, square chin, wide-set... Continue Reading →

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